Induction for New Year R Children Starting Sept 2019

Induction Programme 2019

Meet Mrs Hale


In preparation for the children’s start at Manor, I would like to take the opportunity to meet with parents and children to discuss the induction programme and to complete some paperwork. These are the dates available:

Monday 10th June (all day)

Wednesday 12th June (all day)

Tuesday 18th June (all day)

Please can you contact the school office to arrange a convenient time; this meeting will take no more than half an hour.


Visits to the Local Pre-Schools


As part of the Induction programme I will be visiting the local pre-schools to meet the children in their own setting and to read them a story. I have tried to arrange dates when most children attend sessions. If your child does not attend any of the following pre-schools they are more than welcome to attend the sessions with Stepping Stones pre-school at Manor. The dates are as follows:

Date and time: Activity: Location:

Wednesday 22nd May at 9.30am

Mrs Hale to visit Saplings to meet children and read a story. Saplings, C/O Cadland Primary School Whitefield Road, Holbury

Tel – 023 80892351


Monday 3rd June at 9.30am

Mrs Hale to visit Little Shipmates to meet children and read a story. Little Shipmates Pre School, C/O Waterside Primary School, Ashford Crescent, Hythe

Tel – 023 80840971

Monday 3rd June  at 10.30am


Thursday 23rd May at 10.30am

Mrs Hale to visit Stepping Stones to meet children and read a story. Stepping Stones Pre School, Teachers Way, Holbury

Tel – 023 80897025


Monday 3rd June at 11.30am

Mrs Hale to visit Fawley Independent to meet children and read a story. Fawley Independent Nursery,

1 Rollestone Road, Holbury

Tel – 023 8089 0088


Wednesday 22nd May at 10.15am

Mrs Hale to visit Fawley Kindergarten to meet children and read a story. The Kindergarten, Fawley, Waterside Methodist Church, Chapel Ln

Tel – 07568 608409


Wednesday 22nd May at 11am

Mrs Hale to visit The Good Shepherd to meet children and read a story. The Good Shepherd Pre School, Bramble Close, Holbury

Tel – 07759 177746


‘4’s Club’


To help you to find out more about Manor I would like to invite you to attend ‘4’s Club’ during the summer term for five afternoons between 2.00pm and 3.00pm on the following dates:


Friday 14th June Parents and children in class with class teacher


Friday 21st June Parents and children in class with class teacher


Friday 28th June Children in class with teacher, parents in the hall with Mrs Hale and Mrs Munns – Phonics and Maths workshops


Friday 5th July Children in class with Mrs Hale, parents in the hall with Mrs Armstrong the class teacher



Friday 12th  July Children in class, parents in the hall with Mrs Hale. There will be an E Safety workshop with Mrs Welling. Parents will also have the opportunity to meet the Chair of Governors, School Nurse, the PTFA Chairperson, a representative from HC3S who will provide some samples from the school dinner menu and some of the school team. You will be able to buy book bags and be given details of where uniform can be purchased.



As you will see from the timetable above, for the first two weeks you will stay in the classroom with your child to give you both experiences of classroom activities. For the remaining three weeks we will be holding parent workshops where you will be given an opportunity to learn more about the National Curriculum, the Foundation Stage and life at Manor Church of England Infant School.


Details of the arrangements for actually starting school in September will be given to you at the final session.

If you have any queries or concerns in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us.